The following questions are similar to what we use on the phone and on the form to assess the situation and gather information to perform our investigations. We ask that you always give as much detailed information as possible, as well as your preferred method of contact for follow up.


Is the information you have first- or second-hand? If the information is second-hand, from another source, please state the name(s) of the individual(s) who may have first-hand information and their contact information, if known.

Example: First-hand information. I saw Steve Peters steal a printer from the office. My name is Dave Burns but I don’t want my company to know that at this point. My phone number is 555-123-1234.

Example: My information is second-hand. I was told by Carol Jones as she was told by Steve Peters that he falsified his expense report and showed her how to do it.


Please describe the nature of your concern. What are you alleging? Examples: fraud, theft, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, embezzlement, etc.

Example: One of our company’s vendor, Dell Lemon of Acme Construction, has been giving kickbacks to my manager Steve Peters and when he found out I knew he threatened that he would fire me if I told.


Do you possess any material, i.e., texts, emails, financial sheets, internal audit reports, photographs or any other physical or digital evidence? If so please detail the nature of the material and whether you will be providing the evidence to us.

Example: I have some texts on my phone that will prove he is sexually harassing me. Can I text them to you? I also have emails.




CALL OUR HOTLINE: 1-866-773-3022

While no third-party confidential whistle blowing reporting process can assure you that your complaint will result in a resolution of your issue, the Guardian Whistle Blower service promises you that we will provide your information to our clients, report important issues, and work to resolve the situation in a professional and confidential manner.

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